Nano-liposomal emulsification means this oil is up to 10x more bio-available than any other oil.  

The most defining feature that places our Nanoemulsified CBD Oil above any other CBD oil is the nano-liposomal delivery system.  The CBD compounds are delivered straight to your cells via incredibly tiny spheres made of a neutral vitamin E substrate.   What this means is that the CBD is nearly 100% bioavailable.  Typically, only 10% of Phytocannabidiol oil is absorbed in the GI tract.  Our high grade nano-liposomal phytocannabidiol outperforms other oils.  See the chart below for a study that was done testing our oils absorption rate vs. the leading brans of CBD oil.  


Non-GMO Hemp sourced in Europe, grown by strict European Organic standards.

Our company strongly believes in NO GMO, and no pesticides used to grow our hemp.  Unfortunately, not all CBD companies have such high standards.  Beware of cheaper CBD oils, who's hemp may be grown in China with zero regulatory standards.  

CBD is Co2 extracted (supercritical extract) using no harmful solvents.

Utilizing temperature and pressure, the supercritical Co2 extraction process creates a phase change in carbon dioxide.  This yields a clean, unaltered, consistent medical-grade oils.  Other products may use toxic solvents which take hours to purge the solvent trapped in the oils.  

Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid Profile

Due to our extraction process, our oil contains a full spectrum of phytocannabinoids and terpenoids.  These compounds work synergistically in the body in a powerful way. Isolated, synthetic compounds like  pharmaceutical companies are pushing don't have the same benefits of whole plant, full-spectrum phytocannabinoids.

40% CBD

While every other CBD oil you find on the market tops out at 25% CBD, ours nearly doubles that.  

Ease of Delivery

Our oil is so easy to take with you wherever you go.  Simply pump the oil under your tongue, let it sit there for 30 seconds, and swallow.  The oil is flavored with orange oil, so it actually tastes pretty good!

Everyone is encouraged to start slow with the oil.  More is not necessarily better.  Although the bottle says a full dosage is 4 pumps, we ask you to start slowly with 1 pump, and observe how you feel.  Interestingly, some people experience more profound effects with less than the recommended dose.  It will be up to you to find your personal dosage.  For some, a bottle will last one month.  For many others, more than two months is average.